Business History Group and Vantage Point Historical Services Join Forces

To provide clients with a broader range of specialized skills, address the needs of large organizations, and expand geographic coverage, the Business History Group and Vantage Point Historical Services have entered into a strategic partnership. The alliance will offer narrative history, archival and litigation support services, and various media products to businesses, institutions and individuals in the United States and abroad.

The Maryland-based Business History Group is led by Louis Galambos, professor of history at Johns Hopkins University. Partners include William Becker, Patricia Watson, Kenneth Lipartito, Joseph Pratt, Steven Adams, Christopher Castaneda and William McClenahan, Jr. The company has more than 25 years experience in the field of business and institutional history. Current and former clients include Georgia Pacific, Merck, AT&T, the World Bank, the Export/Import Bank and a number of other organizations.

Vantage Point Historical Services is headquartered in Rapid City, South Dakota and serves clients throughout the United States and Canada. Led by Eric John Abrahamson, the company focuses on narrative and oral history for companies in regulated industries including banking, telecommunications, and power. Vantage Point has also produced histories for several major private foundations. Current and former clients include the Rockefeller Foundation, the J. Paul Getty Trust, Franklin Templeton Investments, L&H Industrial, AirTouch Communications and more.